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Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventure is a series of children’s novels by award winning author Sara Pennypacker. The series of novels is another addition to the popular Flat Stanley series of novels by Jeff Brown. Jeff Brown the original creator of the Stanley series of novels is famous for writing several series of novels featuring the Stanley character that include Flat Again, Stanley, Stanley in Space, Stanley Christmas Adventure, Invisible Stanley, Stanley and the Magic Lamp and Flat Stanly from which the Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventure is derived. Sara Pennypacker just like Brown is a well-known children’s author with her own series of novels that have been very successful. The first novel in the series was The Mount Rushmore Calamity…show more content…
The series was made into the Worldwide Adventures line of novels, which were then written by several authors including Sara Pennypacker. Flat Stanley has an accident when a bulletin board falls on him making him as a flat as a pancake. Rather than pine about his accident, he takes advantage of his misfortune as he can now go places he never thought he could ever go. He can fit in many small places and even be sent in the post meaning he can travel and have adventures all over the world. The novels are richer than the previous novels as they are not just about the flat gimmick as they come with some good plots even though the flat element is very interesting. The overall tone of the Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventure series is one of good guy gung ho adventure series with a level of reading similar to those of Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Tree House series. It has an overall positive message of acceptance of Stanley’s flat state and a crisp demarcation of the bad guys versus the good guys angle. What makes the novels really stand out from your usual childrens’ narratives is the liberal helping of interesting facts in Geography, culture, tombs, hieroglyphics from all over the world. Even as at some level, the novels may be deemed silly, they are written and pried for the early reader, coming with the energy and flair that…show more content…
Flat Stanley the protagonist has an unfortunate night when a bulletin board falls him leaving him half an inch thick block of boy. Fortunately, now that he is flat, his travel arrangements are all that much easier as he can go anywhere through the post. Having attained much fame the Egyptians have called him to go help a mysterious man gain access to one of the great pyramids. He is perfect man for the job given that he can get into the smallest of cracks in the stonework of the pyramids. But things turn awry when he lands and starts his mission only to discover that his employers are grave robbers looking to steal important artifacts from the pyramids. It is now up to Flat Stanley to stop the robbers from carrying out one of the most audacious grave robberies. While the novel is not entirely factual, it is an entertaining read that would make a good class reader for confident KS1 readers.

The Japanese Ninja Surprise is a tantalizing novel in the series following Stanley Lambchop, the boy that found himself as flat as a pancake after a heavy bulletin falls on him during the night. Stanley’s family have gotten used to his flat shape but Stanley has never been so happy about not being normal even though his peculiar shape can get him in places most people can never get into. Stanley is suddenly obsessed with Oda Nobu a ninja star he saw on TV. Instead of
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