Flaws In The 21st Century

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“How many lines do you want me to write, Professor?” Will asked, picking up the large, heavy, silver quill that was on top of the stack of light pink parchment - the amount of parchment that sat before him suggested that he would be there for a while, writing at least five thousand lines. He would never reach Professor Snape’s detention on time - how ironic that would be, late for a detention punishing him for being late in the first place. “Oh, I don’t know. How about we keep writing until they have truly sunken in?” Professor Umbridge to said, smiling, her pink cheeks rising, making her eyes squint. “How will I know when that will be, Professor? And don’t I need ink?” Will asked. “This is a special quill, that requires no ink. And you will know, Mr Davies, when the word have truly sunk in; you will feel the words sink into your skin,” She said, walking around and bending down; Will could hear her breath in his ear, making him squirm. “Shall I start you off? Will began to write. The heavy …show more content…

The lack of any interesting writing wasn't the only reason Snape couldn't concentrate - it was the detention of Mr Davies. Snape couldn't decide why the boy had been so scared of him - perhaps it was just nerves; the rumours around Snape weren't the nicest, and it was probably quite scary going to a new school without the protection of parents. There was a different theory, though, stuck in the back of his head, like a bowtruckle, that he kept going back to, although he tried to ignore it. There was a possibility, that he didn't like the idea of - abuse. It would explain the lack of weight, and insistence to say ‘sir’ after everything, and the lack of any of the right equipment, and his reaction from earlier, and the lack of

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