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  • Interactive Evaluative Fiction Design Is The Method Used For Visualize Shape Your Heart

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    Chapter 6 Interactive Evaluative Fiction Design Interactive fiction design is the method used to visualize Shape Your Heart. Creating interactive evaluative fiction means writing narratives that represents objects and behaviors, while also creating characters, a compelling real life based plot, and a few insights for the reader to sense moral situation, all of which can be assembled for a reader to experience in multiple different ways. The resources that follow are intended to provide some

  • Critique Of Selenon Rising

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    When the Earth is attacked by a powerful alien race, known as the Selenon, humanity is practically wiped out. Now the Selenon rule from the dark side of the Moon while what is left of humanity is clustered together in The City. Humankind has been spared from extinction, but on one condition, all technological progress must be halted or annihilation of the species will follow. Of course, not everyone is pleased with this arrangement and freedom fighters, like the New Moon Resistance, dream of overthrowing

  • Flaws In The 21st Century

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    “How many lines do you want me to write, Professor?” Will asked, picking up the large, heavy, silver quill that was on top of the stack of light pink parchment - the amount of parchment that sat before him suggested that he would be there for a while, writing at least five thousand lines. He would never reach Professor Snape’s detention on time - how ironic that would be, late for a detention punishing him for being late in the first place. “Oh, I don’t know. How about we keep writing until they

  • Summary : ' Colossal Cave Adventure '

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    Colossal cave adventure is the great grandfather to all adventure video games created ever. It has the luxury of being the first game to introduce an interactive narrative, while also existing as the first ever digital open world for a player to explore. The first iteration of the game was created back in 1976, which, incidentally, was the same year that Apple was founded. Computer science was still a relatively new thing going on in the world, and the game itself was actually created by a programmer

  • Action Research in English Subject

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    Research Report on Improving Writing Skills Abstract Our research question was “How can we use blended technology with an interactive whiteboard, document camera, and distance learning equipment to improve the writing skills and social studies OGT scores of all students?” In our study, we found that providing a writing workshop at the beginning of the school year and using the interactive whiteboard and document camera to project rubrics and then having students grade writing samples of OGT answers

  • 21st Century Classrooms - Annotated Bibliography Essay

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    5. Corcoran, E. (2009). Getting to The Top of the Class. Forbes, 184(6), 40. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. a. The article discusses technological innovations for the classroom. Smart Technologies has developed what they call "smart boards," large interactive screens which can be connected to the Internet and manipulated by students by their fingers or a stylus. The screens cost between $700 and $4,500 and as of 2009 have sold some 700,000 units worldwide. 6. Ferriter, W. M. (2011). Good Teaching Trumps

  • Exploring Teaching Methods that Help Engage Students Essay

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    Considering a stereotypical class room, the bell rings, students are almost in their seats, and the teacher is demanding their attention. It is hard for the teacher to gain the attention let alone the willingness to learn from their students. No matter what subject is being taught, this has the recipe for boredom from the get go. Any curiosity or imagination for the students has been choked. In order for the teacher to gain the eagerness to learn from his students, he would have to resort to all

  • Translating Art Installation into ICT: Lessons Learned from an Experience at Workspace

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    1. INTRODUCTION In an interactive digital art, the artwork consists in producing relationships between an active audience and a dynamic art-system [8]. These relationships are part of the concept of relational aesthetics, a tendency in contemporary art in which art is a set of artistic practices that produces a social experience completing the artwork [5]. According to Fels [26] people build relationships with objects external to their own self depending on how deeply embodied the person is into

  • Student Perceptions of the Flipped Classroom in Calculus Course

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    Calculus I is the first university mathematics class many of our students have to take, our goal is to teach them not only math content but also train them to become independent and skilled problem solvers in those problems that require the techniques and concepts of calculus. The idea of inverted classroom is that the students learn best when they are actively working on a task rather than passively listening to the lecture. This approach to doing class is sometimes called the "flipped classroom"

  • Course Evaluation For Cap 141c

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    Course Evaluation for CAP 141C – Dr. Alvarez I will begin my course evaluation by stating that I am only anticipating on obtaining an A or high-B in this class due to the fact that I only learned the course material through self-teaching. I did not obtain any knowledge of the course material from Dr. Alvarez’s lectures. This is largely due to the fact of her grotesque teaching style. In order to further explain how her teaching style impeded on my, and several others’, education of the course material