Flight Nurse: An Interview and Overview

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My Profile of Business is on Nurses; but more specifically Flight Nurses. I chose to do a profile of business on flight nurses because I wanted to thoroughly know what the job and work environment entails, as well as the experience, education, and certifications requirements for the field. I also wanted to know the salary and characteristics of a good flight nurse. The information will be invaluable when I start on my path to becoming a flight nurse. In order to make the report well rounded I interviewed Lynn Manning. Lynn is currently a Nightingale Air Ambulance Flight Nurse at Norfolk General Hospital; she has been a registered nurse for 20 years and a flight nurse for four years. I used the information from the interview and websites such as Flight Nurse HQ,, and to create an in-depth profile of a Flight Nurse.
A flight nurse, as Lynn Manning put it,“ is a registered nurse, who takes care of a patient in a pre-hospital setting, similar to the EMS system. We get the patient to the hospital by air instead of by ground.” Digging a little deeper using the site, it is much more complex than that. A flight nurse is a registered nurse who is highly trained in the area of critical or emergency care and must administer wide-ranging critical, emergency and pre-hospital care during a rescue or aeromedical evacuation on board aircrafts. The responsibilities of a flight nurse are extensive. A flight nurse must ensure the safety and

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