Patient Advocacy : A Patient Advocate

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The business operation I am going to discuss is patient advocacy. Patient advocacy is an effort to protect and/or defend patients; taken on by individuals, organizations, or groups. Therefore, advocacy is standing for or with a patient that have particular challenges or health concerns. Patient advocacy may include educating the patient and family, affecting public policies, and joining associations. Professional patient advocates heave often worked as social workers, case managers, nurses, or other professions that now focus on helping patient in their decisions making. Patient advocates works in partnership with patient educators, dietitians, psychologists, pharmacist, and community health workers.
The person I interviewed is Raegan. Raegan is a patient advocate in a nursing home. Raegan received her Bachelor’s Degree in psychology at Western Michigan University. She received a Graduate Certificate in patient advocacy from the University of Toledo. Raegan has been a patient advocate for 5 years. She became a patient advocate because she likes helping patients with their direct care needs, and enjoys helping patients navigate through the complex health care system. As a patient advocate, she helps patients in numerous ways. Raegan ensures that patients see the correct doctors, coordinates care between doctors, ensures the patient has access to all available treatment options, and that the treatment plans are being followed. She also educates the family on how to…
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