Flight Patterns By Sherman Alexie

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In the short story "Flight Patterns", Sherman Alexie describes how the protagonist, William, a Spokane Indian, struggles every day to escape the all too common stereotypes society places him under. This story takes place in Washington D.C. during the year after 9/11, which most likely justifies why racial profiling and stereotyping was extremely commonplace in the story around this time. It can be seen that Americans were brought closer together by this tragedy because they were banded by a common enemy who was not in fact American or even part of their culture at all, which made many, if not all Americans judgmental and paranoid against those who they considered to be of foreign descent or a threat to their safety. It is evident that throughout "Flight Patterns", Alexie employs a variety of different scenarios to ultimately show his readers that racial profiling and stereotyping is way too common in our society although it shouldn’t be, and if people really took the time to get to know one another, they 'd see that other people have substance and a story as well, and they 're not just what they simply appear to be.
Whether we like it or not, people stereotype and racially profile others every day without knowledge of who they are or what their background is, and this is part of the message Alexie was trying to get across in "Flight Patterns". He wants his readers to know that this world isn 't perfect, and that it can be seen that it is extremely commonplace in our society
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