Flip Factory Essay

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Flip Factory

Background and Problem
• Flip Factory is a fitness centre located in Calgary which offers unique, noncompetitive, gymnastic based programs. They include circus arts, trampolining, demonstrative gymnastics and parkour.

• Services offered focus on 3 core areas:
˗ Youth, teen and adult programs
˗ Preschool programs
˗ Bookings (birthday parties, day camps, special needs groups etc.)

• More than 1,500 on site participants every week, over 450 birthday parties a year, over 2,000 participants in other on site events and more than 200 off site participants through Flip Mobile program.

• $786,503 of revenues in 2013

• Darlene Traviss, owner and CEO of the company,
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The company must work on strengthening its position among gymnastic clubs to avoid losing its competitive advantage. Innovating and expanding the customer base is very important in such environment. Maintaining lasting relationships with existing customers and reaching out to potential new participants must continue to ensure
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