Flooding The Internet Are Swaths Of Images And Examples

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Flooding the internet are swaths of images and examples from protesting, “Muslims/refugees welcome here,” “Let them In,” and of course, “Make America Great Again,” ring loudly across the US in retaliation/support of president Trump’s executive order on immigration. This order has sparked legal questions, and protests across the country. Amidst the chaos and confusion it is hard to orient oneself in the truth and what is/isn’t pumped with political bias and wild claims. Outrage can be felt and heard on both sides of the fence. With many opinions about the controversial issue, one that has a definite impact on all of us is from the faces of law enforcement that we encounter on a daily basis. A big concern is how this new executive order will …show more content…

To combat the negativity, White House press secretary Sean Spicer proclaimed that it’s not a “ban” but in fact an “extreme vetting system” (Jacobs, 2017).
However, this time last year the Obama administration changed laws to toughen visa waiver programs to similar countries like; Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Syria (Domonoske, 2016). Some familiar countries to Trumps executive order. The Obama administration was also chastised by the ACLU that it was “wrong and un-American to punish groups without reason solely based on their nationality” (Domonoske, 2016). Consequently, the difference is the administration, and in today’s technology it is easier than ever to share, post, blog opinions on an already controversial president. Going from a mistrust in government doesn’t have great outcomes when it is trickled down to the face of the justice system that we interact will more on a daily basis. Police officers.
It also becomes politically charged by conflicting viewpoints about how justice should operate and the balance between a proactive and reactive approaches to crime control (35). There is a pendulum swing from a typically liberal approach to a more conservative approach, with many shades in-between. One could say that the executive order is a mesh of both, reactive and proactive. Reactive in the sense that there is more tendency to be tougher on crime and discourage crime before it is committed, and

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