Florence Nightingale Essay

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Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale, a well-educated nurse, was recruited along with 38 other nurses for service in a hospital called Scutari during the Crimean War in 1854 . It was Nightingale's approaches to nursing that produced amazing results. Florence Nightingale was responsible for crucial changes in hospital protocol, a new view on the capabilities and potential of women, and the creation of a model of standards that all future nurses could aspire towards.

Florence Nightingale was born on May 12th 1820. Her father, who was a wealthy and intelligent man, believed that women deserved an education. Thus, Florence Nightingale and her sister were educated in Italian, Latin, Greek, History, and Mathematics. This is quite …show more content…

The results that Nightingale achieved using her methods caused her to receive great status from the British press, who referred to her as "The Lady of The Lamp" because of her late night rounds to check on the soldiers in her care. Her praise enabled her to establish a nursing school which taught the procedures and ethics that she had created, bringing about a new line of nurses which possessed a superior knowledge of medicine and hospital maintenance. Thus, the teachings of Florence Nightingale were spread to the next generation of nurses, and to all of the generations to come.

Florence Nightingale changed the public's views of a woman's potential and capabilities in her era. Victorian women of her age group did not attend universities or pursue professional careers . The success of the Scutari post was amazing, and the fact that a woman achieved these feats was even more astounding to her peers. Nightingale was the first woman to be given the British Order of Merit, in 1907 for her work . From Nightingale's example, it could be seen that a woman achieving spectacular results was indeed possible, and the inferiority of the female gender was now in question. Florence Nightingale became a role model for other nurses around her. Linda Richards, who visited Ms. Nightingale at her home in England in 1877, said,
The one dream of my nursing years was being fulfilled: I was indeed talking with the one woman whose name and the record of whose good

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