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Florence Nightingale Florence Nightingale was born in Florence, Italy. Her parents named her after the city she was born in. She was born on May 12,1980, she was raised mostly in Derbyshire England. Many people when they hear Florence Nightingale think about her as a nurse and for her fight for better hospital care. Florence did a lot more in her life than achieve better hospital conditions, and become a nurse. She was a brilliant mathematician, and used statistics to apply them to achieve her reforms. Florence was a well-educated woman in a number of fields other than math;…show more content…
Using her calculations she determined that an improvement in sanitary conditions would lead to a decrease in deaths. During her time this was the first time a woman had came up with such a productive theory to reduce the mortality rate. Florence was dedicated to improving the health and living conditions of the British army, the sanitary and administration of hospitals, and the way women were looked at if they wanted to pursue a profession in nursing. Florence Nightingale also raised the educational status of women by opening up the Nightingale School Home for Nurses in Saint Thomas's Hospital in England. This was the first educational facility dedicated towards nursing for women. The women of the 19th century didn't usually get an education equal to the education of a man. Florence's family didn't think that way though. Florence also raised women's educational status by being educated by her father who gave Florence and her sister a vast classical education. One person that definitely needs to be mentioned is James Sylvestor, he was Florence's math tutor. He is the man who is responsible for teaching Florence mathematics that she used in so many different ways to achieve different

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