Florence Nightingale : The Courageous Life Of The Legendary Nurse Essay

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Analysis of a Theoretical Framework For Leadership Florence Nightingale is one of the most influential and renowned person in nursing due to her contribution to the practice of what nursing is today from her theories, literatures, schools, etc. resulting for her to be called “the mother of modern nursing”. The book to be reviewed in this paper is by Reef (2017) entitled Florence Nightingale: The courageous life of the legendary nurse. The author of this paper with her background as a nurse knows how big Nightingale’s impact was for nursing and hopes she could be an influential leader in this field as well. Because of the curiosity of what Nightingale’s real history was, what are the works and accomplishments she has done, and what lead her to be one of the great leaders in nursing opted for the selection of this book. As the title of the book implies, the life of Florence Nightingale was narrated in this book from her birth to death. It included her love and passion for nursing, as well as, the struggles and achievements she has encountered and done to be a successful nurse and leader in this field. This paper will explore how Nightingale adopted leadership as a vocation; theoretical framework, style, leadership traits she practiced will also be examined; together with the qualities she emulated to inspire followership; and shortcomings of her leadership approach that the author of this paper will try to overcome.
Leadership as a Vocation
Florence Nightingale has found

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