Florence Nightingale : The Lady With The Lamp, And The Mother Of Modern Nursing

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Florence Nightingale
Alyssa Rasmussen
Great Falls College – MSU

Known as, “the Lady with the Lamp,” and “the Mother of Modern Nursing,” Florence Nightingale was born in Florence, Italy, on May 12, 1820 (National Women 's History Museum, n.d.). She was the youngest of two children born to William and Frances Nightingale (National Women 's History Museum, n.d.). Florence’s family was very wealthy and were members of the social elite (UAB - Reynolds-Finley Historical Library, n.d.). Florence received her education from her father and she developed an interest in mathematics and medicine (National Women 's History Museum, n.d.). At sixteen, Florence believed that it was her “divine calling” to become a nurse (UAB - Reynolds-Finley Historical Library, n.d.). Florence’s parents did not support her decision to become a nurse because at that time, women of Florence’s social class were expected to marry a wealthy man and raise a family (UAB - Reynolds-Finley Historical Library, n.d.). Also, nursing had a bad reputation and was considered a job for poor women (UAB - Reynolds-Finley Historical Library, n.d.). However, her parent’s disapproval did not stop Florence from pursing her call to nursing.
In 1851, Florence began training as a nurse at Pastor Theodore Fliedner’s hospital and school for Lutheran deaconesses in Germany (UAB - Reynolds-Finley Historical Library, n.d.). Two years later, Florence became the superintendent for a women’s hospital in London (UAB - Reynolds-Finley…
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