Florida 's Mental Health Crisis

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Florida’s Mental Health Crisis The impact of mental illness on public service and economics is profound in the state of Florida. Improving the quality and funding of mental healthcare requires public administrator development through practical management and intellectual organization and although such evolution consists of examining theoretical ideology, primary importance should be placed on putting theory into practice. Dutil (2014) affirms that practice and policy are results of routine; however, the state of Florida has routinely allocated decreasing amounts of financing for the mental illness crisis. More importantly, the state is failing to draw lessons from public service icons such as Gulick, Weber, and FDR who began …show more content…

Laws carry overwhelming allegorical value and possess the potential to enhance public opinion; however, the clear imbalance of mental illness treatment further complicates public policy enhancement.

Mental Health Assessment and Rates of Illness The basic premise of any doctor’s assessment is to address the patient’s concerns, perform lab work, diagnose the condition, perhaps administer medication, and monitor the patient for improvement or problems associated with medication. In general, patients are expected to follow the advice of a certified physician; however, mental illness challenges the rudimentary design of doctor and patient relationships. Psychiatry entails assessments that are elaborate and while often reducing patient symptoms, continue to pose challenges to the psychiatric field due to the level of maintenance and the evolution of recovery (Jacob, K., S. 2015.) Moreover, the approach to recovery in mental illness patients does not end with medication as management and continuous care dominate the mental illness landscape. Bernstein et al (2011) affirm that in the United States, “25% of adults have a diagnosable mental disorder” (as Cited in Ghodse, 2011, pg. 451, ¶2) and “the high rate of mental illness

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