Fly Away From Home By Jennifer Weiner Essay

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In her book Fly Away from Home, Author Jennifer Weiner once said “divorce isn’t such a tragedy. A tragedy is staying in an unhappy marriage, teaching your children the wrong things about love…” This is the general idea of divorce, once one has decided they’ve had enough it’s okay to quit. In some situations I would agree that it is absolutely necessary for divorce. I am not against divorce but I am in favor of the children that have to experience it. If you google ‘divorce’ what pops up is celebrities that have gone through it, an ad for a comedy television show about divorce, and a certificate for a free marriage counseling session. Not much is said about the children. Children from the ages of 5-13 experience the bad side of divorce because during that age is where most of the imprinting takes place. There is not much information on the topic of children that are having to go through divorce, custody battles, moving away, mental illness, etc. The reason for my research is to develop more information about the children, how to help them cope with it, how to tell them, and how to avoid trauma. The purpose of my research is to be the voice for children, as a future child psychologist and as someone that went through it as a child. There is not enough research out there about the toll this takes on a child so I figured I could change that. On average, children manage better in a happy two-parent family than a divorced one. Although, this cannot always be the case. Some
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