The Effects Of Divorce On Children Through My Research Methodology

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Introduction I would like to study the effects of divorce on children. I am mostly interested in my research methodology focusing on identifying the issues holistically that might be detrimental to the psychological or physiological health of children. I want compare the different experiences that each family has when dealing with divorce and measuring how each child copes with the separation of their parents. I would conduct a research design that is based not only on the issues that are related to divorce, but also the possible measures that could alleviate such impacts. I will focus on identifying issues that might be detrimental to the psychological or physiological health of children through my research methodology. My research…show more content…
I could also conduct a field experiment and conduct the interviews in a natural setting such as the participants’ home, the work place, or an environment of their choosing. It will be randomized based on the process of selecting the sample from different ethnic groups and based off of their economic and societal status. I will select a total of 100 individuals from ethnic groups based on the level of their high or low income. Subjects for this study would be selected using probability sampling. I would use a random selection technique that would include people from different ethnic groups, socioeconomic status’ and societal status. The process of randomizing would come from drawing the sample from different ethnic groups, based on economic and societal status. The study is purposive, consisting of 300 children whose parents have been divorced. Longitudinal designs are helpful in determining patterns. It is very beneficial for research studies involving cause and effect, in this case how divorce has an effect on the family. When you can gather data over longer periods of time, you have a better chance of having more concise results because you can access long term changes. Overall, the biggest disadvantage to longitudinal research designs is time simply because it is a lengthy process to collect all of the data. You also have to have a large sample size. There are great advantages to doing a field study. When you choose to do an interview and you choose to
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