Focus On California And Drought

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Daniel Thor Verkest
English 101
October 13, 2015 Focus on California and Drought There are many problems with world, but one of the most difficult problems are global warming and droughts. Global warming leads to droughts, among other things, and droughts lead to trouble. Droughts are very problematic, because they can lead to fire hazards, low food cropping, and many other things. Drought is the absents or shortage of water and water is an absolute must have in the world. There are so many problems because of drought and people need to find solutions the problems. Climate change affects many factors associated with drought. Beyond direct economic impacts, a drought can threaten drinkable water supplies and entire ecosystems, and can even add to increased food prices. California has had the driest year on record recently. There are different types of drought. Drought can thought as dry, cracked earth; low water levels, such as lakes and stuff; and barren fields, but these are examples of different types of drought, each of which is measured differently. Meteorological drought, which is very specific to the area as average precipitation, may vary considerably spatially. This is a most often thought of as drought in comparison to precipitation, assessing the degree of dryness (in relation to a local or area average) and the duration of the dry period. A concern of farmers is agricultural drought when available water verkest…
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