Follicle Simulation

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Before the oocyte retrieval, woman follows a hormonal therapy for 9-14 days in order to achieve the maturation of as many follicles as possible. In order to induce ovulation, woman will be injected with chorionic gonadotropin 36 hours prior to the normal ovulation which will also promote follicle maturation. Oocyte retrieval will start 36 hours after the injection and will last 15-20 minutes. The whole procedure takes place in the surgery room which is designed in a unique way in order to communicate with the embryology laboratory through a small window. In that way the embryologist can observe at the same moment the samples that receives from the gynaecologist. There is also an intercommunication system installed in both the embryology laboratory and also in the surgery room which gives the opportunity to the doctor and the embryologist to inform each other about the process of the procedure. The gynaecologist uses a system which consists of a needle and a tube to puncture the follicle and the liquid from the follicles is collected through the tube inside small bottles which are given to the embryologist in the laboratory. The embryologist will check the sample in the microscope for the presence or absence of oocytes and will inform the doctor at the same time through the intercommunication system. At the end of the procedure the embryologist will take a note regarding the number of…show more content…
The temperature is at 37˚ C and the gas mixture consists of 90% Ν₂, 5% Ο₂ and 5% CO₂. With these conditions the desired level of pH in the medium surrounding the oocytes is ensured. After incubation of two hours, the oocytes are evaluated microscopically regarding their maturation state. To investigate whether the oocytes collected are mature, the embryologist will observe one by one for the presence of the polar body. Mature oocytes are collected again and placed in the incubator until the time of
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