Food As Thought : Resisting The Moralization Of Eating

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In the Introduction to “Food as Thought: Resisting the Moralization of Eating”, Mary Maxfield argues that food and the way we consume it is not something that should define the obesity epidemic in America. A controversial issue discussed has been whether we should have theories or ideas where diet works best to increase weight loss or whether we should have any diets to begin with. On one hand, Maxfield argues against the Health Professor Michael Pollan, who proposes a diet idea to reduce the problem of unhealthy eating in America. While also reprimanding scientists and health doctors who suggests their own different diets. On the other hand, she introduces that food is just food and does not need to be differentiated since one may seem …show more content…

Honestly speaking, everything goes in and comes out the same way, apart from those who are lactose intolerant and allergic to certain foods. No matter what you intake, the digestion system will break it down into nutrients that the body will then use for energy, cell repair, and physical growth. Then, after an average time of 6 to 8 hours, you will defecate all the unnecessary waste. Regardless the food it all begins with the mouth and ends with the small intestine, thus if you claim to argue that certain eating, eating excessively, or by your standards consuming the “wrong foods” is unhealthy and causes obesity then you are making an inequitable justification. When Maxfield claims that health is based on culture, she wants us to understand the difference between diet, health, and weight not all of which may not be directly connected. However, each one may play a role among one another, such as a poor diet may result in too much weight for a consumer to handle which can result in health problems eventually. Yes, they are all different. However, each plays off another in my knowledge. That is why there needs to be a special regime. I beg that you do not confuse a regime with a diet; a regime is a system

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