Food Bank Use in Canada

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Food Bank Use in Canada
According to Food Banks Canada, food bank usage has soared to 28% in the past three years, with more than 850,000 Canadians making use of a food bank in a typical year (Ontario
Healthy Communities Coalition, March 2012). One of the biggest contributors to why individuals depend on food banks is their social economic status of lower class and poverty. Although this is a big contributor, there are many more major social determinants that contribute to food bank usage outside of social economic status designation. I believe the other three most important determinants that contribute to usage of food banks are education, employment/working conditions and physical/social environment.
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Even though socio economic status is a huge determinant of food bank usage, I believe that education, employment/working conditions and physical/social environment are also contributing determinants for this case. Food banks are initially started to help those in need, but
I believe that federal and provincial governments should furthermore improve economic growth to increase the likely hood of individuals finding and sustaining a full-time job. With this change, increased employment would help reduce the use of food banks and improve the quality of life of individuals.

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