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HOUSTON FOOD BANK General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform the audience of the workings of the Houston Food Bank and the concepts discussed during the course which were demonstrated through our volunteer experience. Organizational Pattern: Topical Thesis Statement: The Houston Food Bank uses the efforts of volunteers as well as donations to support the reduction of hunger in the community. INTRODUCTION When the topic of people going hungry is presented, it is not far-fetched to think that these people are homeless. In actuality, 94% of hungry people have a roof over their heads. (Transition) This is where the Houston Food Bank steps in. 1. The Houston Food Bank’s mission has been to lead the fight against…show more content…
2) Empathetic listening is when we attempt to know how a person feels. A) It involves listening to people with a sense of compassion, sincerity, and concernment. * With the statistics presented earlier on the percentage of families that are hungry but still have homes, it really touched me in the way that a hungry person could be someone that I know or care about. B) Among the benefits, empathetic listening builds: * Builds trust and respect * Enables the disputants to release their emotions, * Reduces tensions * Encourages the surfacing of information, and * Creates a safe environment that is conducive to collaborative problem solving. VERBAL FOOTNOTE These were all proven by the group members when the director shared with us that she was once part of a family who looked to a food bank for help. This created the passion and motivation for her to stand behind a worthy cause such as this one. (Transition) Being that there were multiple people in the volunteer efforts at the Houston Food Bank, naturally, roles were formed in order to achieve our objective. 3) Task roles are defined by a task that needs doing, and a person is asked or appointed to fill it. VERBAL FOOTNOTE A) While putting together packages to be sent out for
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