Food Choices : Chicken And Apples Essay

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Food Choices: Chicken and Apples In this paper, I will give my findings about non-organic and organic chicken production and also the production of non-organic and organic apples and if chemical fertilizers or pesticides are use in the production of these foods, and how they affect human nutrition, health, and the environment, and lastly some changes I would when buying foods the store after researching. The protein and produce I chose was Chicken and Spinach. Commercial chicken (Non-organic) goes through a process which contains a feed mill, hatchery, processing plant/chicken farm. Chicks go from the hatchery to climate controlled chicken houses (holds around 20,000 chickens) until and when old enough to be slaughtered, they are loaded up and taken to the processing plant. (Advameg, Inc.) When the chicks are ready to lay their eggs, they are collected and taken to an incubator. The eggs are placed in a warm incubator and wait to hatch. Once hatched, they go live in chicken houses and are feed different types of hormones, steroids, or chemicals. If the birds are sick, they treat them with antibiotics. They are then collected and taken to the processing plant. In the processing plant, they slaughter the chicken, remove the feathers and then the internal organs are removed. Lastly, the chicken is cleaned, chilled and then cut. Non-organic meat is similar to organic meat but contains antibiotics or hormones. Now with organic chicken, they must follow certain standards and

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