Food Companies Need to Label Their Food Essay

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The dangers of the food industry need to be revealed to the public so that people can live healthier lifestyles. For this to be done, the food companies need to start labeling what is in their food. There are numerous harmful chemicals and hormones found in the food we consume, and there needs to be more awareness of what society is recklessly ingesting. A two-year study on the effects of genetic mutation on mice was published on September 19th, 2011 in Food and Chemical Toxicology. In the experiment, the mice consumed corn that was sprayed with Roundup, the food company, Monsanto’s brand of weed killer, or drank water with levels of Roundup that are similar to what is found in U.S. tap water. The shocking results revealed that the mice …show more content…

You can have the most fantastic, nutritious thing in the world, but if it looks bad and smells bad, you're not going to eat it"(37). Brominated vegetable oil is used to make the food dye stick to liquids like sports drinks or citrus-flavored sodas. However, when not utilized in drinks, Bromine helps to prevent carpets from catching on fire. The chemical is known for causing major organ system damage, birth defects, growth problems, schizophrenia, and hearing loss and is banned in over 100 countries (Perez). The food industries refuse to label the warning signs of these products. The list of ingredients on a Gatorade bottle is so long that people do not take the time to read and understand them all. It should be up to the food companies to help Americans know what they are putting in their bodies. Chemicals like Azodicarbonamide, which is used to bleach both flour and foamed plastic, is too complicated of a name for people to understand. It can be found in most bread and is known to induce asthma, but American companies still process it (Kim). In response to an article that addressed the list of banned food, Julie Jones, author of Food Safety, wrote "all of the ingredients on the list pose a potential danger to consumers and we feel the consumer should be made aware so that they can make an informed decision as to whether or not they want to buy a product with these

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