Genetically Modified Organisms in the USA

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Nutrition is a vital part of everyone’s life. What people chose to put into their body dictates whether their nutrition benefits or jeopardizes their health. Many people worry about overly indulging in carbs or sodium, but the greater threat in our grocery stores. Sadly, many of the fruits, vegetables and meats people eat are genetically modified. There have been many studies conducted involving the effects of Genetically Modified Organisms (or GMOs), some include “creation of new allergens, increase in toxicity, and a decrease in nutritional value” (Paarlberg,Philip). The consumption of GMO products can cause harm to those with food allergies, some may not have an allergic reaction to the organic form of a certain food, but after the genetic modification the foods have new possible life threatening components to them. As for plants, when genetically modified they have a metabolic response to the stress of having its DNA morphed and the result is an increase in the plant toxicity. This means genetically modified plants have the potential to poison those that consume it. Genetic modification also causes fruits and vegetables that were once nutritious to become as healthy as foods rich in carbohydrates. Genetically Modified Organisms have progressed too far in the U.S. to stop, but if the Food and Drug Association provide accurate and informative labeling for consumers the results would bridge the gap of misinformation. In the U.S. today, more than 70% of the food in grocery

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