Food Insecurity Among The United States

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With the various reading this past week, I believe the government is doing enough, as much as they can to aid in the issue with food insecurity among its citizens. There are so many programs that cater to families and individuals in need. Especially women and children. Social welfare program, such as W.I.C, TANF, General Assistance, food pantries run by the government, etc. all work in efforts to eliminate food insecurities in homes across America. I believe the government is not at 100% percent responsible of the high percentage of food insecurities in America. People and families are at fault as well. I believe life is full of choices, when people do not make the right choices, or problems happen within a person life, such as losing a job or losing a loved one. This losses have high impacts at forcing families and individuals into food insecurities and tough spots in their life. The government should not be held responsible I believe for foreseen occurrences within a person’s life.
The government aids thousands of families with meals, money, clothes, childcare and other services that will help the families back on their feet. I do not believe the government should have full responsibility over a person wellness, the person in my opinion can become accustomed to the assistance of the government, and depend on the government for much of their assistance. I live in a rural, urban community, many of the population in my community relay on government assistance in some form. I…
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