Food Tradition : The Thread That Links Generations

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People classify themselves by what they put their time and effort in . People’s occupations play a huge role in their identities and way they classify themselves. When a student is recognized as a full time student, especially in college, it becomes a part of who they are. In “The End of Food” by Lizzie Widdicombe, the author introduces three young men who eliminated food to save money by creating a potion of only the essential vitamins and minerals needed to survive. In “Food Tradition:The Thread That Links Generations” by Bonny Wolf, the author explains how food and family are connected through the love of food . In “Our Moods, Our Foods” by Julie Beck, the author explains the relationship between food and our emotions. The College Student identity contains many characteristics, such as convenience, affordability, sociability, comfort, and celebration; as a result, there are specific foods that demonstrates these attributes. Convenience is an important factor of the typical college student, therefore, foods such as fast foods and frozen foods are commonly associated with this identity, due to its fast production. Widdicombe writes, “‘Food was such a large burden,’ he told me recently, ‘ It was also the time and the hassle ”(Widdicombe 1). Between classes, internships and work-study, students do not have the time to cook homemade meals. Food usually takes valuable time and energy, which students do not have after a long day in class. Most times in the day, students also
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