Food Waste Of The Global Food Chain

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Different definitions of food waste with respect to the complexities of food supply chains are discussed. Background information on how food is wasted is provided. Food waste in the global food chain is reviewed in relation to the prospects for feeding a population of nine billion by 2050. A significant gap exists in the understanding of the food waste implications in the economy of the developing countries. For affluent economies, post-consumer food waste accounts for the greatest overall losses. To supplement the fragmentary picture and to gain a forward view, scholarly sources were consulted, data recorded and analyzed. The analysis highlighted the scale of the problem, the scope for improved system efficiencies and the challenges of affecting behavioral change to reduce food waste. More to that, long term and short term effects of wasting food was listed and described.
A discussion of the comparative amounts of food being wasted, why it is wasted and who wastes it most will take place. The strategies put in place by different countries to eliminate food waste will illustrate that this food could be better used to alleviate starvation and reduce environmental waste.
Many countries are filled with individuals fighting starvation. On the other hand, there are many people in the world who throw away perfectly fine foods just because they are full or they don’t want it anymore. The residents of this world need to start thinking twice about the food they waste. When people go

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