Foods Like Air For People

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Foods like air for people in daily life. There was an advanced technological food called Genetically modified foods have been developed commercially for nineteen years. In currency, there are approximately 70-90% of foods on the American grocery store shelves containing GM foods. Admittedly, GMOs have some advantages and a group of people and food company Monsanto support GMOs are safer, more efficient and nutritious. However, the GMOs studies on animals maintain that eating GMOs would cause people having high risk of suffering diseases like cancer and heart disease. According to the food accident caused by genetically engineered food supplement in 1980, we can see that symptoms of disease that caused by GMOs were acute and people hard to …show more content…

Consuming these transgenic foods would increase the risk of disease and even cancer. However, most of the time we do not know the food we buy is GM or not, because there is not such a law requiring that GM foods must be labeled in the U.S.A. People have the right to know whether the food they buy is GM or not and it is harmful for people to eating GMOs. People who support GMOs and Monsanto maintain that GMOs are safer, more efficient and nutritious. According to the research from The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (2015), there are about 7.3 billion people in the world, but approximately 791 million people who do not have food to eat every day. GM crops are herbicide tolerance (HT) and insect resistance (IR). They can also grow up on the hostile environment and severe weather. The high efficiency of GM crops can produce more grain, corn, soybean and many other foods that help to solve the famine in the world. Additionally, Monsanto made a submission about selling GMOs to agencies in the U.S.A, including USDA, FDA and EPA. They approved Monsanto selling GMOs and made a promise that they would oversee these kinds of products. Also, Monsanto states in its websites that there are no adverse effects on human and animals’ health and productivity. (Monsanto, 2015) Ironically, GMOs experiments have been operated on animals for a long time. Most results show that animals have been suffering because of diseased that GMOs cause. Since

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