Football : A Game Of Big Plays And Big Hits

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Football, a game of big plays and big hits, is a big reason as to why it is so popular. From a spectator standpoint, looking for that “big hit” is something that we all look forward to. From a players’ standpoint however, it could be that same hit that can cause depression, brain damage, or even something far worse than that: death. A single blow to the head can be detrimental for a football player, regardless of age, playing ability, or skill level. Concussions are not something that should be taken lightly in the sport world, especially when it comes to football, where there is heavy hitting on every play of every game as well as impact suffered during practices. That is why I wanted to do the research, find the facts and studies done, and help create a standardized way to help put a stop to concussions or at least minimize the number of occurrences. If a concussion does occur however, I want to be able to decide what process that we as sports managers should go through to make sure they receive proper treatment and recovery time. I want to be able to discuss the seriousness of concussions in football and what sports managers should do to reduce the number of incidents and the overall severity of them. Since 1945, a total of 497 players have died from playing football and from those 497 deaths, 69% have been from fatal brain injuries (Mcintosh, 2005). Just recently, on September 12th, 2014, a statement about former professional players was made after a court hearing. On
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