Abstract. Concussion In Schools And The Nfl Are A Problem.They

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Concussion in schools and the NFL are a problem. They can be life-altering injuries, and they have been around for years before anyone became aware of how dangerous they can be. Ever since the discovery of football many athletes have gotten their “bell rung” and doing damage to their brain with no knowledge of it. It has been recently that there has been more talk of understanding how severe concussions can be. Many think it is not a big deal but it is considered a mild form of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The NFL had ignored all the information given to them regard concussion and they need to review their protocol and enforce it. Many players are still playing while …show more content…

A condition named the Second Impact Syndrome was identified in 1973. The condition was said to occur when an athlete receives a concussion while still suffering from a previous one. In 2013, the Journal of Neurosurgery stated that this condition carried a 90% mortality rate (“A Timeline of Concussion Science and NFL Denial”).
Even armed with the knowledge of this injury from 1933, the NFL did not acknowledge that concussion was dangerous. After this acknowledgment, they for the Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee. They named Dr. Elliot Pellman as co-chair of this committee. Dr. Pellman was the team doctor for the Jets as well as the commissioner’s personal doctor his appointment to this position became controversial due to him being the Jet’s doctor. It was discovered that Dr. Pellamn lied about where he received his degree from. He had told the committee that is was from Stoney Brook when it was from Mexico. (“A Timeline of Concussion Science and NFL Denial”). Due to this discovery, this gave people the impression the NFL was not taking concussion seriously.
The NFL took 61 years to acknowledge the dangers of concussions (“A Timeline of Concussion Science and NFL Denial”). The question that was on everyone’s mind was why did it take the NFL to address this growing problem? Another question that arose was why they chose a member of their Brain Injury Committee who seemed to

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