Football Helmets Are Insufficient to Stop Concussions Essay

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Football is game of speed, strength, and strategy. The best way to be a better player is working on becoming bigger and stronger while maintaining the speed, but when the players mass, strength, and speed all get better the forces the can produce a greater force with their hits. According to Timothy Gay, Physics professor at the University of Nebraska and author of The Physics of Football, a Defensive Back at the average one-hundred and ninety pounds that runs a 4.56 forty-yard dash can produce sixteen-hundred pounds of tackling force, which easily can break any bone of the human body. Due to the extreme forces the players are exposed to, it is necessary for each player to wear pads that help reduce and spread out the forces, and helmets …show more content…

In a study from ESPN’s Sports Science it is shown that an NFL special teams collision that lasts .015 second and create up to a hundred and ninety Gs of force. While the amount of g-force is high, the short time period lowers the chance of blacking out. When the brain accelerates like that it hits the skull and creates waves that travel through the grey matter and has the potential to damage the white matter. Lately there have been many retired football players have been diagnosed with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy(CTE) which is a disease that destroys the neurons of the brain and is traced back to concussions. The neurons send signals through microtubules in the axon which is held together by the protein tau. When trauma occurs to the brain the tau protein may be separated from the microtubules making them unable to let signals pass through. According to the Sports Legacy Institute CTE may create permanent memory loss, confusion, paranoia, aggression, depression, and eventually dementia. On August of 2013 4,500 players started a lawsuit against the NFL, within weeks the number of former plays increased to 12,000 and they received a 765 million dollar settlement for compensation and pay for medical exams for people those are eligible. One of the problems that the sport of football had in its beginning was the lack of substantial head

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