Football Is Too Dangerous : Football

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Football Is Too Dangerous
Could any parent unwillingly picture their kids out there playing football try to compete for a win with all their might and strength , putting their bodies on the line while brutality beating and getting beat up on by the opposing team members who have the same means as all the others players.The means of just sitting in the crowd cheering watching someone son out there playing a sport such as football which risks the body health and functions can just be unbearable to some but enjoying to others. Football is an enjoyable sport, which sixty four percent of all Americans watch, that is possible to play on many different levels such as: Peewee, Junior Varsity, High School , College (NCAA), and Professionally ( NFL, or Arena). Even though football is one of America 's greatest sports to ether watch or play, it still listed down as one of the most dangerous, pain inflicting sports to play. Football is for surely one of the most abusive, violent, and enjoyable that athletics play mainly in the U.S., daily without regarding the fact of the possible injuries that they put themselves in. Many people think because of all the pads and gear that football is one of the most safest sports to play, well they might have this football mistaken with European style of football or in other names soccer. All the pads and gear does not indeed insure safety, those pads just simply help prevent injuries or make playing the sport just a little bit safer, but they do
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