Football Tryout Man Story

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There was a boy named Carlos. Carlos got every thing he wanted, because his parents were rich. His parents were snobby and were show-offs too. Every morning of the summer he went out to his back yard and threw the ball around on his football field in his backyard. Carlos always loves walk out to the fresh smelling green football field. He would do his morning routine. When he woke up he would get ready for the day he would put on his athletic clothes. When he went out he would take the monster truck tire and pull it down and back, down and back, for a total of 1,000 yards. Carlos could always taste his sweat drip into his mouth after the workout. After that he would take a bag of footballs and set one on each 10 yard line until the other side in the endzone. He would throw each football into his field goal post and did that with every football. If he didn’t get every football into the endzone, Carlos would get beat by his father, a multi-million dollar …show more content…

Carlos sat in bed for a whole two weeks before he came out of his guilt. When he went to school, he realized “Oh no! Football tryouts.” Luckily for Carlos, Football tryouts were happening that day. Of course Carlos got on and he was starting quarterback for the varsity team. A year past and Carlos did his thing and then it was his senior year he was the coolest kid in the school and he was the best football player at his school. Until one day. Carlos figured out that the coach’s son came to the school and he was trying out for the football team. The day of the tryouts the team watched the people who were trying out. Carlos was watching James, the coach’s son, with an eagle’s eye. “There is no way that coach is going to make, the senior quarterback, the second string and make his junior son the starter,” Carlos said. “ Don’t worry kid, he won’t do that to you on your senior year. You will probably the captain also,” said Coach

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