For Many Years, I Have Gain An Interest Within The Area

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For many years, I have gain an interest within the area of health care and multicultural perspectives in a diverse society. On a master’s level I am able to increase my level of education to further understand the disparities in the community. With the education learn, I will apply my study to understand the issues that are currently happing in the 21st century. While obtaining my bachelors in Social work, I was able to learn the basis of becoming a social worker in a general setting. I would like to extend the knowledge so I can become suitable and prepared for more specified areas of such as the medical, administration, and family care. I want to learn how globalization plays a significant role in the society.
Social Problems
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Gain an understanding of proper management and counseling skills. Begin the process of applying for a LCSW and gain clinical experience from an agency that serves in a medical or clinical area. Then begin assessing in a generalized community that suffers from economic disparities.
Volunteer Experience
Over the past four years, I have volunteered in the community to assist many target areas. The Salvation Army was among one of the first location I volunteered as an undergraduate. I was given the opportunity of helping and assisting the thrift shop. I was asked to find and sort through undamaged coats, shoes, and novelties to give back in to the community. Assisting the Salvation Army was a rewarding and interactive experience that pushed me into the homeless population. I was able to provide one on one help with people unable to purchase a coat for the winter condition.
I have also managed to volunteer and donate within the sociology and social work society for two years consecutive. We dedicate our time to serve families, persons with limited housing, older adults, etc... The society and their purpose led me to my senior placement and become the active vice president of the society. I am currently interning at the Piedmont Health Services and Sickle Cell Agency- main branch. Our target population served is children, youth, and adult who are diagnosed with sickle cell disease.

Serving the Core Values
A social worker consists of dedicating their

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