For Many Years Now My Family Has Watched The Super Bowl

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For many years now my family has watched the super bowl and the reasons we watch are not always the same. My father and I watch for the football but my mother only really watches because of the commercials. That right there shows that electronic ads can pull people in and generate a larger audience then paper advertisements, which is just one of many the contributing factors to why paper ads should no longer be made. Advertisements have been around since the Egyptian times and are found in many ruins and places of great history like Pompeii and ancient Greece. In the Middle Ages advertisements where being used even more then today. They even had people called town criers that would actually yell out the advertisements for businesses.…show more content…
The ads still were not considered paid commercials because they were only for the owners of the station. The first paid ads aired in 1922 and were actually for AT&T. By 1930 about 90% of stations had started broadcasting commercials. Television and commercial ads go hand in hand. Believe it or not there was once a time when there were no commercials on TV and now that’s just about all you see. Since 1941 television has been playing commercials. Back then less than one percent of American homes had televisions and only five years later just about one third of homes had them. Just after the 1950s companies started to use entire programs to show their product and ten years later that went out of style. They then began to break the programs up and put in 30 to 60 second clips that showed their product. This way they could have six or seven sponsors instead of just one. In 1970 it was clear that television advertising had power and had banned cigarette commercials cause of their influence on children. Ten years later the commercial market was not being run by cigarette companies but by companies like the ones that owned G.I. Joe. The reason why they were doing so well is because they had their own cartoons which were basically 30 minuet long commercials about the toy. Then came along the infomercials which were even closer to being 30 minuet long commercials. Now we have the internet and all the ads that come along with that but it was not always like that.

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