For My Breaching Exercise, I Did Something That Is Expected

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For my breaching exercise, I did something that is expected of women as opposed to something that women are not supposed to do. Women are expected to groom themselves to make themselves look presentable. If not, they are seen as being less attractive. A woman has to dress well, smell nice, have nice hair, and even wear makeup all to look presentable. Many women wake up early to either straighten their hair or curl it, to make it seem like they put effort into their looks. Many women will wake up even earlier to do their makeup, so they will not appear tired. Meanwhile men are not expected to do these things, and are still seen as being presentable. Skincare routines are also seen as being feminine, with my male friends not having any …show more content…

Now I had to give myself more time in the morning to get ready. To go an extra step, I started fixing my hair more. I do not do anything to my hair, besides washing it and letting it air dry after brushing it. I have a lot of hair appliances that do not get put to use since I prefer sleeping in the morning instead of fixing my hair. Throughout the week I either straightened my hair or curled it, instead of leaving it how it is naturally. This was even more time consuming than applying the make-up. I was already dreading doing all of this before I had even started the breaching exercise, because I knew I would have to wake up earlier. I also already expected my mom to be annoyed that I was using hair appliances, since she does not want me damaging my hair. I expected no reaction from my dad, since he usually does not notice what I do or do not do. Upon seeing me with makeup, my mom asked why I had lipstick on. She has this belief that applying lipstick will remove my lip’s original color and hates when I put any color on my lips. She especially hates dark lipsticks, since according to her it does not go with my personality. She also mentioned that my face looked different, and I told her it was because I was wearing makeup. She said it was not necessary and that my skin would be ruined all because I want to look prettier. As for my hair, she would watch me fixing my hair and would comment that burning my hair is pointless. My dad told me that I looked less tired, but

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