For My Rhetorical Paper, I Decide To Select Senator John

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For my rhetorical paper, I decide to select Senator John F. Kennedy as my candidate, because I felt that John. F Kennedy was very effective and confident in answering the questions. I felt that John F. Kennedy’s overall target audience are those who believes in freedom and supports the Democratic party. Also, individuals who agree that the Congress should give medical aid to the aged, a comprehensive minimum hourly wage bill, and federal aid to education. I feel that the purpose and goal that John F. Kennedy wanted to achieve is to make America strong by promoting freedom, good leadership, and getting other countries to view America as a strong country like China and Khrushchev as Kennedy stated “I want people in Latin America and Africa …show more content…

When John F. Kennedy states “Mr. Nixon is an effective leader of his party.” Ethos is being used because John F. Kennedy is stating his opinion on how Vice President Nixon is a great leader to be nominated by the Republican party. John F. Kennedy also uses pathos when answering this question. When Kennedy states “I hope, he would grant me the same.” I felt Kennedy used pathos well, because he hopes that Vice President Nixon views him as a great leader too. I felt that Vice president Nixon used ethos very well, when he answered the question about teacher salary. Even though I found Vice Presidents Nixon answer ineffective. I felt that Nixon used ethos when he used John F. Kennedy’s views on raising teachers’ salaries instead of answering the question with his own opinion Nixon states “There is another point that should be made. I favor higher salaries for teachers. But, as Senator Kennedy said in January of this year in this same press conference, the way that you get higher salaries for teachers is to support school construction, which means that all the local school districts in the various states then have money, which is freed to raise the standards for teachers ' salaries.” I felt that Nixon answer was ineffective, because he uses Kennedy’s views on raising teacher salary instead of his own. Nixon then moves into logos when he mentions how the teacher salary increases “Teachers ' salaries very fortunately

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