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More ▼ me: but otherwise ideally I want a clean version back Elise: Yup me: ok Elise: Sounds good me: i'm guessing you'll get this back to me at about midnight-1a so don't feel as though you're in faster time pressure than that bc if you do faster than that i'll be shocked Elise: Let's hope so for my sanity me: ok good job thanks again go to it Elise: Might be later. Who knows me: i'll be waiting when it's done Sent at 8:25 PM on Saturday me: I'm assuming something is tits-up or you wouldn't be back on so soon Elise: oh no. opened my ipad me: oh good I was about to go shower see you only reliably accessible by cell phone now or txt Sent at 8:37 PM on Saturday Elise: just texted you. …show more content…

Sent at 12:33 AM on Sunday me: ok, so here's the deal I strongly prefer before we sleep as a wildly last choice Hey...just returned from TEds final cotillion party Send me the final version when you retire I'm waking at 7 tomorrow and I'll read it and send to atra for printing I guess we have until 6 am as a prophylactic measure that was from JSB, that is so Elise: okay me: it sounds to me like you've told me my "hey, is this right?" cites are all correct? Elise: no i haven't. me: ok Elise: i'm just getting to the point where i don't know if i can keep functioning me: there are two groups of humans ones for which 4 hours of sleep is a miracle and ones for which it is a guarantee they get 12 more which are you Elise: i don't understand that. me: do you work better with a short nap or will you just crash and be out for 8 Elise: depends on how exhausted my body is me: ok, how about right now Elise: i'm pretty exhausted. Sent at 12:40 AM on Sunday me: ok so if I got you most of the bracketed things or just went ahead & struck most of them can you do most of the cites, & we'll talk out which ones to get rid of & just live w I mean, we have 5.25 hours if efficient allocation is a few hours of sleep for you while I click around a little look, I trust you conversely if you can do 60-90 min and then you're a wreck, ok what I mostly need are the cites, and I can proof some ... there is one bracket I

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