For Six Months During 1835 And 1836, The People Of Texas,

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For six months during 1835 and 1836, the people of Texas, both Tejanos and colonist, fought for their independence from Mexico and from Santa Anna, who had been establishing new, stricter laws for those in Texas. In the most iconic battle of this revolution, the men at the Alamo went beyond what was expected of the typical Texas soldier in the revolution and their deaths created a thirst for revenge that lasted through the rest of the war. It was this thirst for revenge that played a significant role in the success at the Battle of San Jacinto. As was true with the rest of the Texas revolutionaries, there was variety in the group of men who fought at the Alamo. They were freemen and slaves, Tejanos’ and Texans, those who were willing to…show more content…
While Fannin 's attitude is not necessarily representative of the rest of the Texas Army, there was certainly a difference between the Texas Army and the men at the Alamo. Although all of the soldiers fighting in the revolution were putting their lives at risk, the men at the Alamo knowingly sacrificed their lives because of their commitment to their cause. Prior to the battle of the Alamo, San Antonio was taken by the Texas army with significant help from the local Tejanos population. Approximately 160 Tejanos fought, many from the city to which they were laying siege. While having the Tejanos on the same side as the Texans was incredibly beneficial, the relationship began to fall apart quickly, due in part to the Texas soldiers need for supplies and their lack of funds. The Texans started to simply take what they needed, be it crops or livestock. Although farmers and ranchers received assurances that they would be reimbursed in the years following the war, it was small comfort. Another problem was the difference in what the two groups were trying to accomplish. While the Texans were seeking complete freedom from Mexico, the majority of Tejanos wanted to become a Federalism within Mexico. This difference in end goals coupled

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