For Years, Fifa Has Been The Center Of Allegations Involving

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For years, FIFA has been the center of allegations involving scandal, corruption, and general unhealthy management. The negativity surrounding the leadership of FIFA has caused the organization and the sport to spiral into questions of fairness, responsibility, and accountability. Football players and fans alike have lost a great deal of trust and respect for the organization that has promised to maintain the sanctity of their sport. As a task force, we have been assigned to revitalize the FIFA organization and bring all of its actions to light. Our vision is a fair, clean sport that is enhanced by a just governing body. We want to bring justice to the sport and its fans who relentlessly support it. We will condone honest actions taken by…show more content…
FIFA must lead by example, they need to become more active in demonstrating the core value of leadership. How can we expect the football world to make the right decisions and to be honest in their ways of business if the main organization of football isn’t doing so themselves? Lastly, we believe FIFA needs to master the core value of maturity. If we are expecting maturity when it comes to how players handle a bad call on the field, then we should also expect it of the largest organization of the sport itself, FIFA. If something were to go wrong in the future, whether it is with a player, board member, vice-president, etc., FIFA should be mature about the situation and handle it properly and correct it. They should not let it slide or look the other away. In light of recent events that put the reputation of FIFA into question, our goal is to bring reforms that will restore FIFA as an organization built on honesty and friendly competition.

In order to combat the alleged corruption throughout FIFA, our first objective is to create a decentralized system of authority. To do this, we first want to create a complete separation between the management that deals with the commercial aspect of FIFA and those who make executive decisions within FIFA. By doing this we believe that the temptation and occurrence of corruption will be decreased because those who work to create commercial deals and handle the bidding
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