Ford Company Supply Chain Strategy

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Table of contents: Executive Summary page Part 1 Executive Summary 3 Issue Identification Part 2 Fundamental Issue 4 Part 3 Sub-Issue Environmental and root cause analysis Part 4 Quantitative and qualitative analysis 5 Alternatives and Options Part 5 Alternative 1…show more content…
To measure the performance of this model, Ford should schedule periodical review and evaluation meetings. Recommendations for improvements should be noted along the way in order to be evaluated. ` The improvement of customer service and shareholder value should be the main aim of the whole project. At this time it’s hard to anticipate its success or failure, but by investing time and effort into it I will be confident of its success if not in the short term it will definitely in the long run. Issues Fundamental Issue Strategic, Long term The fundamental issue for Ford is the management and control of their large data base of their business partners, suppliers and sub-suppliers. Ford has several thousand partners and operates in more complex network of business relationship. Ford also maintains a large leadership network widely spread geographically around the world. Managing both suppliers and customers in a single efficient supply chain had always been a challenge for Ford who is constantly looking for new ways to better control and manage their supply chain operations in a more productive and cost effective way. Sub-issue Strategic, Short term 1. Lack of up to date IT Infrastructure The inability of Ford’s first and lower level tier suppliers to keep up to date with IT technology that is need by Ford to stay up to speed in managing their production operations
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