Foreign Aid Essay

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Foreign aid is defined as the help given by one nation's government to another nation to help with social and financial advancement. Also, foreign aid is used in order to help a country to respond a disaster such as natural disaster, disease, etc. It can include providing financial help, medicines (science), food, clothes, etc. Likewise, foreign aid can be used for education (knowledge), infrastructures, equipment, and to fight poverty. I believe that foreign aid helps poor countries especially when it is well designed, and delivered, works, saving the lives of many and helping to promote economic growth. In addition, it is good for those countries in need because it is free, good for the improvement of a poor countries economy, and it …show more content…

Creating nations themselves accentuate this point, however, in the rich world, it is frequently overlooked. So too is the way that money-related guide and the further opening of well-off nations' business sectors are devices with just a constrained capacity to trigger development, particularly in the poorest nations. As we learned in this class, poor countries are abundant in cheap labor and natural resources. The financial foreign aid helps countries to invest opening markets to important exports. For instance, some financial aid promotes microcredit which is a very small loan to some particular individuals in poor countries to stimulate economic development, so that they can start small businesses.
Foreign aid helps to save lives of many because of its well-designed programs. On the health front, smallpox has been annihilated, newborn child death rates have been brought down, and diseases like diarrhea has been well treated. Help programs have enhanced ladies' entrance to present day contraception and helped the improvement of the education system. Aid additionally pays for a significant part of the (still-restricted) access to AIDS drugs in poor nations.
Foreign aid helps poor countries to reduce or stop angry sentiments. How do you know you are poor? You will know if you see someone better off than you. Relative deprivation is the absence of assets to maintain the eating routine,

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