Foreign And Aid Syrian Refugees

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All throughout the world, there has been an on going debate on whether countries should take in and aid Syrian refugees. Over the past few years, the country of Syria has been in a civil war that is not only damaging and threatening its own country, but it has been bringing havoc and problems throughout the rest of the world. The civil war is causing millions of Syrians to flee their country, leaving them to seek shelter and aid from other countries throughout the world. Their search for help has caused an ongoing debate on whether countries should take in and aid the Syrian Refugees. Countries such as the United States, Germany, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and more have not only been offering help, but they have also allowed limited amounts of refugees into their countries. However, for some of the listed countries, their project for helping these refugees ended up back firing on them. Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel actually surprised Europe by allowing more than one million refugees into the country, while other European countries did not open their boarders at all (German Crisis Par. 1-2). The refugees were welcomed by Germans who, “gathered at train stations with hot food and flowers to welcome tens of thousands of refugees from the war-torn middle-east” (German Crisis Par. 1). However, “the mood in Germany has darkened. In many towns and cities, flowers and food have been replaced by unrest and hostility” (Germany Crisis Par. 4). The refugees that were welcomed with

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