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Although foreign aid has been going on for hundreds of years, it still remains a controversial topic. Many people have debated whether or not it actually either helps or harms nations. Foreign aid can help undeveloped states by providing education and health care. However, a drawback to foreign aid is that it can cause countries to become dependent and lead to corruption. Foreign aid is effective when countries don 't try to use foreign aid for their own benefit and when coordination and accountability is implemented. 7 Foreign aid is beneficial because it can provide education. Without substantial knowledge, many countries are unable to support themselves. The organization “Global Partnership for Education” states, “it must also be …show more content…

5 Numerous countries could benefit from improved health care from foreign aid. People in other countries all around the world are suffering from illnesses and diseases that could be fixed with better medical assistance from foreign aid. Stated in his article “An American Miracle,” Michael Elliott reports, “From 2004 to 2013, the U.S. committed more than $50 billion to the global fight against AIDS, and last year accounted for some two-thirds of all international assistance to that effort. Programs funded by American taxpayers have saved more than 7 million lives overseas.” (Elliot) This shows that America’s help has already greatly impacted many people. Multiple countries don 't have proper sanitized tools, medical facilities, and funding to treat sickness. With help, countless illnesses could be vanquished. 3 Foreign aid is inferior because it could lead countries to become dependent. The meager amount of resources these countries receive fails to offer adequate help to actually save countries. Consequently, people then start to rely on the new income and resources that foreign aid provides and would collapse without it. According to James M. Roberts , “Traditional foreign aid, which relies on a government-to-government model, doesn’t do enough to generate significant and sustainable opportunities on the ground for people in developing nations.

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