Foreign Language Learning And Teaching

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With increased globalization, it has become highly relevant and valuable not only in the education and labor market, but also in modern society to have good command of more than two languages in addition to one’s native language (cf. Gehring, 2010). Consequently, various forms of foreign language learning and teaching have become common worldwide, and language courses are offered in school, university, and in the workforce. In particular, English, French, and Spanish as foreign languages have been dominating in school systems around Europe (cf. Decke-Cornill & Küster, 2010). The world language and lingua franca English is widely used for international communication; no one can deny its spread and success (cf. Crystal, 2003). The mastery …show more content…

Because of EFL’s popularity and success, more often the well-established concept of bilingual education is offered in order to promote the learners’ receptive and productive skills and communicative competences in the English language (cf. Decke-Cornill & Küster, 2010). Globally, bilingual education has been practiced in various program models for thousands of years (cf. National Association for Bilingual Education, 2016). Bilingual education comprises many frameworks and offers different concepts depending on school form and other conditions. It is an approach that integrates the teaching of contents from the curriculum with the medium of two languages: a native language and a non-native language. However, as a rule, the working language is the non-native language, in other words, bilingual teaching rather means monolingual teaching (cf. Decke-Cornill & Küster, 2010). Consequently, with its effective method of deepening the language in what concerns the communicative competence, it has been proven to be successful. The goal is, among others, to teach and to learn both content and language, nevertheless, the content is in the center of attention and not the language. Today, numerous schools in Germany have included bilingual programs in their concepts, for example, in Hamburg - one of which is the HLG. At this school, the subjects of history, geography, and

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