Foreign Policy : An Overview Of Major Trends Essay

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Foreign policy is a policy that is pursued by nation in its dealings with other nations that is designed to achieve national objectives. Therefore, the general objectives are to guide activities and develop a relationship of one nation through the interaction with another nation. Moreover, this development of foreign policy is somehow influence by international considerations as the policies or the behavior of other foreign governments and the peoples through negotiation, other measurement short of violence and war. Also to have plans that will advance into a particular geopolitical setting. The United States foreign policy is an overview of major trends regarding American Revolution to the present times. The major themes of foreign policy is to promote democracy that expands across the continent to support liberal internationalism, contesting wars, cold wars, fighting international terrorism in the developing or exploited of third world countries and as to build a stronger world economy system. As history put it, “ Morocco was the first Muslim country to formally deals with the United States as represented by the Moroccan – American treaty of friendship in 1786”. Now the foreign policy of Barack Obama has been the policy of the United States since the Obama administration was inauguration in January of 2009. Since then Congress and President Obama are working on the shared power of foreign policy.

The role of the President and Congress in foreign policy:

The United

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