Forest Festival Research Paper

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Living in a small southern town in Arkansas with a population barely reaching 2,000, people would think that we live in a place like Radiator Springs like our friends from outside of town do. They think of Gurdon like a place with nothing to do for fun and nothing around. What they don’t know about us is how much pride and spirit we have as a community and the special events that we have during the year. During the fall we have things like football games and the county fair to get excited over, not only that though we also have a thing called the Forest Festival. The Forest Festival is a tradition in our small southern town of Gurdon that happens on the last Saturday of October. It’s not a big or extravagant festival but it’s something that…show more content…
Excitement filling the heart and souls of the small town civilians, people across town wake up earlier than they might have planned only for that special occasion. Living one block away from Main Street I start to see families line up across Main Street with kids dragging their parents telling them they need to get good spots in order to get the more candy than their friends. I see trucks and floats line up beside my house that will soon go down main street for all the citizens of Gurdon to see. When the clock hits nine I no longer see kids dragging their parents behind them trying to get a good spot but I see the beginning of a new experience for kids and families that just moved to the area. As soon as the police lights turn on and the high school band playing behind it I see a new story to be told, one that we will tell when we grow old. Our kids might not live in the same place that we grew up in and they might never witness the Forest Festival first hand like we did, they won’t get the memories we had. They probably won’t live in a close community like we did growing up. Although it is the same routine every year, it’s a new experience to anyone involved. As the parade comes to a conclusion, the fun has only
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