Forget Cats And Dogs Short Story

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Forget cats and dogs, It was raining elephants and hippopotamuses outside.(Im pretty sure that is not a good exaggeration of this phrase.. but just hang in there with me) My husband was out-of-town on business for a couple of days and I was home with 3 small kids and a nervous dog. The lights began to flicker as the rain poured even harder. It was getting dark outside and my youngest child, who was only a few months old, had refused to take a nap earlier so I had to strap him to me, while he was screaming, so that I can get food on the table for my other two kids who had been cooped up in the house all day due to the weather. The dog was nervous and needed to go outside, but my spoiled mutt refused to step a paw out in the rain. After another VERY long hour with the 2 high energy kids, one overly tired infant, a dog nervously whimpering and the weather prompting me to get the closet ready in case of a tornado, the lights finally went out.

My two older kids immediately began crying in fear of the lightning flashing into the pitch-dark house, while the youngest child finally quieted down. The dog then began pacing nervously around my feet. She was usually not a nervous dog, so it didn’t make me feel any easier that she was acting odd over the storm.

That’s when… I smelled something… … and No, it wasn’t the dog. My youngest had proceeded to overfill his diaper with what I can only describe as an ungodly like substance that only Hollywood could contrive. He didn't

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