Formal Meeting For Two New Zealand Cultures Essay

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Formal Meeting Guide
For TWO New Zealand Cultures
Meeting and Presentation
National Business Level 5
Name: BK ShiJie Chen

Maori Meeting Culture

1.Maori meeting culture
Marae is communal or sacred place that serves religious and social purposes societies. There are over one thousand Marae around New Zealand and it is essential place for groups which share relationship. In the past,it was the open place for community meeting. Nowadays it is a complex of building and open place which support facilities and accommodateacommunity. However, it is not used continuously, and mainly occupied for Hui and guests. The Maori maintain customs developed and nurtured. It is also important for the other non-Maori visitors to understand about the culture ceremonies and protocols to respect their culture. Even though Marae try to give visitors a “cultural experience of Maori”, itmakes disappointment visitors. Since the explanations were decreasing andhistoric was not made clearly but Te papa try to keep the culture as well aswants to be culture connection. The Wharenui is important point of a Marae and it has spiritual meaning. In shape it represents the human form and each part of a Wharenui is a representation.

2. Regulatory and statutory
1) Hui
A Hui is a Maori term and it is mean formal meeting. Protocol changed between region of the country and individual Maori, so the customand aim of the Hui can be very different. The remainder of the protocols seem to take a place on
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