Formal Methods Of Assessment For Students

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FORMAL METHODS OF ASSESSMENT Introduction Formative assessment is a form assessment that occurs within a short period of time in the process of evaluating how students understand and integrate the new information they are learning. The techniques of formal assessment also assess how the students integrate the new information with what they already know. The learners get feedback immediately and they are able to change their learning behavior to improve their scores. They are also able to change their learning methods and understanding techniques. The teacher also gains insights about the method of instructions to improve or change according to performance of the students. The teacher may also be able to develop new strategies to improve…show more content…
Different countries have different standardized tests for different levels of education. Program Tests These are the tests that are used to measure the student’s understanding and content remembrance. They are also known as teacher-made-tests because the test’s standards are set by the teacher whose skill area is being tested (Fisher & Frey, 2007). These test take different forms as continuous assessment tests. The different forms include oral tests, long-answer tests, short-answer tests, multiple-choice questions, problem-solving tests, assignments, essays and written report. Formal oral tests are the most common form of assessment under program tests. These tests occur when the instructors requires students to answer questions on their feet which needs them to think critically to answer correctly (, 2016). The instructor or teacher can administer these tests randomly by selecting students without following any criteria. In other instances, students are notified for oral tests to prepare before-hand. The questions are supposed to be answered correctly and this requires thorough evaluation by the person taking the test. These tests are common in the medicine, nursing and pharmacy courses. The response should be articulated properly to ensure the question is well answered. Long-answer tests are those that require the student to make explanations about their response and convince the examiner that their answer is the right
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