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Anthony Walton Unit 301: Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment. LO1 UNDERSTANDING THE PRINCIPLES AND REQUIREMENTS OF ASSESSMENT. 1. The function of assessment in learning and development: Assessment plays a significant role in the learning experience of students. It determines their progression through their programmes and enables them to demonstrate that they have achieved the intended learning outcomes. It is assessment that provides the main basis for public recognition of achievement, through the awarding of qualifications and/or credit. Assessment covers the whole development of student learning evaluation, while grading refers to the specific attachment of marks/grades. 2. The key concepts and principles…show more content…
Examples could be assessment of recognised prior learning, knowledge and skills for a mature or experienced worker who does not have the relevant qualification. Witness testimonies from current and former employers who may are experts in their field could be used. Observations and verbal questioning in the work environment may be more suitable for a manual working candidate than an academic candidate. An academic candidate may prefer to be assessed through written evidence or through a professional discussion with the assessor. 2.2 The strengths and limitations of a range of assessment methods in relation to the individual learner needs: Assessment method: Written assessment can be used to give a differentiation of questions to the learner and can be used to judge knowledge at a given level. It also provides a good paper trail. Problems could arise if the learner did not have good reading skills or was dyslexic, evidence could be lost. Verbal questioning can be used to gauge the learner’s knowledge, the questions could be rephrased if the learner did not understand the question and also gives the opportunity to expand on questioning. Some learners may find verbal questions intimidating. Video evidence would have to be used as there would be no real evidence, some learners may not take well to this. Observation of practical skills gives a competent and experienced

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